Psychology in Writing: Neurotic Defense Mechanisms – Introduction


This is part three in a four part series covering psychological defense mechanisms, you

Plastik von Kurt Laurenz Metzler

Plastik von Kurt Laurenz Metzler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

can click on the links to find part one and part two.

The third levels of defense mechanisms are neurotic defenses.  In this case, neurosis refers to distress but does not involve hallucinations or delusions like the previous two levels of defense mechanisms.  Most adults manifest some of these defense mechanisms to a greater or lesser degree throughout their lives.  In the short run these defense mechanisms can offer a person some reprieve from the pressures of reality.  If used consistently it has the potential to cause lasting damage to relationships, diminish success in the workplace, and minimize the enjoyment of other activities.

The neurotic defense mechanisms include:

Therapeutic Presentation



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