Psychology in Writing: Self-Actualization (Rogerian) – Writing Response

Still Waiting

 Man, I wish things were the way they used to be, I thought as I walked along the Wall of Dreams mural across from my office in the Ministry of Labor.

The tradition of painting the wall existed before the war; in the evenings the dreamers would come out and graffiti this wall with their aspirations and dreams with the superstition that maybe, just maybe, by putting their hopes out for the world to see they would come true.  Surprisingly the Ministry has allowed the tradition to continue.

There are many days when I stare out my window at the Ministry of Labor thinking about what I would paint on that wall if the world were different.  Before the wars it probably would’ve been love.  Young, educated, with a good paying job, what else was there for a woman to want?  Now though I find my dreams so unrealistic that I don’t even think following superstition to illustrate them is hopeful.  Someone does though.

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One thought on “Psychology in Writing: Self-Actualization (Rogerian) – Writing Response

  1. I felt the caged-in feelings you speak of. But I’ve learned not to pass up opportunities to connect with people or experiences based on the possibilities or non-possibilities of future happenings. There’s no way to really know what could happen in the next minute or hour or year…

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